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Authorised dealer for cores and inductive components by Vacuumschmelze

VACUUMSCHMELZE is a leading global manufacturer of advanced magnetic materials and related products. The high-quality semi-finished products, parts, components and systems used across many different branches of industry are first-rate products in terms of technology and quality.

Unique: Single-source supplier of electrical contacts, contact materials and semi-finished products, electromechanical assemblies based on in-house material innovations, virtually any processing technology, coupled with in-house precious metal recovery. Insulating material for the electrical industry: The product range includes a broad selection of electrical insulation systems for industrial applications. The wire enamels, impregnating resins, casting and potting compounds are the result of a wealth of expertise gained through decades of research. Leading global manufacturer of low-impedance precision and power resistors, based on alloys created in-house.
These resistors possess ideal properties for precise and low-loss current monitoring.
Key manufacturer of soft magnetic powder metal composites, cores and parts, as well as chokes and filter assemblies for power electronic applications.



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