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Advanced materials – the key to progress

VACUUMSCHMELZE has 3.800 employees and is present in more than 50 different countries worldwide.

The company’s broad range of products includes high-quality semi-finished products, parts, components and systems used in many different applications across virtually all areas of electronics and electrical engineering. VACUUMSCHMELZE is one of the few global players that is a single-source supplier of products for magnetics, covering everything from soft magnetic semi-finished parts to high energy density permanent magnets and specialised components.

In 1923, VACUUMSCHMELZE was the first ever company to employ industrial-scale vacuum-based alloy smelting – the company’s name speaks for itself: VACUUMSCHMELZE. 

Products available through Herbst & Missing:

  • Inductive components
  • Tape-wound cores made of crystalline, amorphous and nano-crystalline metal alloys


Cores and components

The basis of the tape-wound cores is soft magnetic alloys with unique combinations of high permeability and low resetting losses. Demand for materials for higher application frequencies is steadily increasing. VACUUMSCHMELZE was quick to hear this call and was the first company in Europe to develop cores with amorphous metals (VITROVAC®). These were soon to be followed by the next generation of soft magnetic alloys, nano-crystalline VITROPERM®.

Knowledge about materials is, however, just one of many areas of expertise needed for the development and production of inductive components and parts. In fact, at VACUUMSCHMELZE extensive application know-how and a solid awareness of customer requirements go hand in hand with state-of-the-art materials in the development of solutions that meet individual customer demands.
With the help of high-tech, yet affordable production methods, products are created that meet the quality demands of our customers in every respect.

Herbst & Missing offers you the following: 

  • Several 100 different products, in stock at all times
  • Goods dispatch on day of order if required
  • Fast and flexible delivery (no minimum order volume or packaging units for standard parts)
  • Fast, non-bureaucratic support for the procurement of parts that are not normally available at short notice
  • On request: annual skeleton agreements and reserve stock
  • Fast and uncomplicated sampling





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